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Taxes Filed

There is nothing I dread more than filing my taxes, so the feeling of getting them over and done is a wonderful sense of relief. It doesn’t matter if I owe or can claim a refund. It’s the concern if I have collected and safely preserved the mountain of paper “evidence” randomly sent to me in the mail for the previous three months. The complexity of the process, if your working-for-a-living  life is anything but “plain vanilla”, is a sure indication it is a process created by a government bureaucracy.

I’ll put the rant aside. It just feels so good to pass the exam and move on to better things. For me, it’s one of the two “sure things” in life. The other I don’t dread as much as it doesn’t come around the same time every year…

Monitor Brightness

Monitor Brightness

Monitor Brightness

I have noticed getting a lot of eye strain while spending time using my computers for long periods. I don’t remember having much of that issue in years past. So some thing or things have changed.

I spend a lot more time at the home computer in blog writing, CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing/Drafting), photography editing, and other screen intensive tasks. I did the same at my office before I retired. I had a desk job.

The first thought are my eyes. Definitely the number one suspect. I admit I am overdue for another exam. I wear glasses and at age 70 and above, the eye lens is less flexible and the tiny muscles have to work a lot harder. I really need another pair of glasses especially for the computer screen and desk work in general.

There is another big issue. It’s screen brightness. Monitors have significantly changed. All mine are now LED illuminated. Lighting is even over the entire surface and intensity levels can be set very high. What is happening is my iris muscles are struggling to dial down to tiny openings to compensate for over brightness.

I now usually sit in a darkened room. The screen is the brightest lighting in the room. That’s not real good for the eyes. My work office had a window wall behind me and constant overhead lighting. Lots of ambient light keeping my irises dialed down.

I know my ares are no longer very good at dialing down. Just walking outside on a sunny day is, for quite a long time, a blinding experience. They slowly compensate but sunglasses are a real need for comfort.

I checked my brightness setting on the screen I am currently using. The display was sharp , crisp and uh… very bright! The brightness setting was around 75 percent. Hmm… that seemed to be pushing it a lot for long term web browsing and text writing.

I dialed it down to 50 percent and immediately noticed an improvement in viewing comfort. Yes, it IS dimmer, but that is a very good thing. I have no problem viewing and the visual “pressure” instantly went away. A pressure to which I wasn’t paying adequate attention.

A suggestion I’ll share. Check your monitor settings. A brightness over 50 percent is probably too high. If you are like me and spend a lot of time at the screen, turn the intensities down on every control. Use more room lighting but avoid glare on the screen. The monitor shouldn’t be the brightest light in the room.

My eyes have thanked me.

On The Make

This is about making things. Not about aggressive social intercourse, There is a certain mental, not biological attraction for the things I build with my hands. It’s a thinking and doing in creating tangible items, not about assertive interpersonal relations. Sigmund Freud probably thought a lot about that… not about making tangible things. Ha!

I like being on the make. I have always made things. All my life I have spent considerable time assembling and making things.

I started with kits. The design and all the parts are provided. A set of instructions are provided. Assembly begins.

The first assembly kit I remember was a […] Continue reading » On The Make

Network Boost

I purchased a bit of WiFi Tech for my home computer network. It’s called a WiFi range extender, model WN2500RP, made by Netgear. A.K.A N600. Cost is in the $50.00 range.

It is not the same brand as my WiFi router (Cisco) but works well with it. It provides a number of services and benefits to my home network. I will explain why and how.

I have three machine control computers in my workshop which is also my garage. My office where the Main WiFi Router is located is on the West side if the house. The router is located at the west wall […] Continue reading » Network Boost

No Fault, Just Inconvenient

It certainly looks and reads here, like I am a Microsoft basher. Yes, I do point out the weaknesses that cause me to seek alternatives. What I do is pick the best tool for the requirements I need.

I can easily tolerate a Windows 10 system and its invasive habits as part of my office network. I need Windows 10 for all of my Microsoft OS design software I use every day. Windows 10 isn’t about to go away in my world.

I know my special needs make me a minority user, Microsoft (and all other) PC computers were never designed to be a primary machine control system. They are […] Continue reading » No Fault, Just Inconvenient