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Positive Aging

plato_on_ageI sometimes write to rant about the stupid negative people in the world. It doesn’t change anything but let me feel a bit better by letting it out. I like to think my one little voice can be heard for at least a moment. Then I go on with my life.

I should change that. Ranting is a negative. I can use those people as examples of poor personal choice rather than attack and push what I can no longer change. What I can change is myself.

Life isn’t fair, but life IS what I make it. Human life is so short, but that only becomes apparent as I near the end of the journey. While the world around me is in negative chaos and I am searching for the positive serenity of old age.

When I was in a position of authority, I had more influence on people in the world around me. It was an exciting time. I COULD change other lives. I hope it was positive. I think it was. I retired and let go of those strings so now I have just myself to control. Maybe I can still influence those very close to me. I have had my shot at the rest of the world.

I don’t need any more windmills to knock over. I am comfortable deciding what to do next for myself. That is what retirement is about. If I have my basic needs covered I am good with life. That includes family and friends.

I am now a “maker of things” to the best of my abilities. I create objects that never existed before I make them. That lets me feel like I am doing something good. I enjoy working with tangible things. Objects are simple to understand. People are not simple to understand.

If other people like what I do then I am happy. I found a motto I adopted: “Do what you love for those who love what you do.” It is a simple statement that really says a lot about being right with life. It is a very positive way of living.



What has happened to honor? It seems a lot of boys and girls don’t know what that means these days. I can’t call them men and women even when they are old enough. There are adults who have never matured into people with honor. Those who have no clue, think honor is only a military phrase.

Honor is taught (or used to be) in the military at all levels. Especially embedded into officer training. But “Honor ” is now a seldom heard catch phrase in the civilian world. Some current politicians and especially a few juvenile Olympic athletes are unaware of the meaning nor have a clue it applies to them as public figures. They live lives as immoral cowards. Without honor, chaos is what remains.

Honor is to be kept clean and sacred. Honor is so critical. it is part of the Ten Commandments. I am sure it is a part of all religious beliefs in some form to honor God.

For quite some time, people used to kill each other through dueling, just to preserve their or their companion’s “honor”.

Old literature and old movies especially WWII era were full of Honor and Glory. I feel those traits are shunned and considered silly by many today. I am glad the duel over honor has been abandoned, but it seems so has honorable behavior. Even chastity has been dishonored by what’s called sexual freedom. All sexes are guilty.

The current exception, that started somewhat contrived but is now sincere, is to “honor” our military and civil “heroes.” in a public way. At first it was somewhat embarrassing to me as a Vietnam era veteran, I didn’t volunteer to receive such praise. But I do understand the honorable motive, to make up for past disrespect and restore honor for serving. At first it felt like a “better late than never” reaction but I can live with my embarrassment and welcome the change in public sentiment. It’s again an honor to be a veteran or public servant. It always WAS in my mind.

I was in active Scouting until I was in my 20th year of life. Scouts Honor was something I held sacred. Not saying I was a perfect example, but to me it wasn’t some corny motto. I did my best.

“On my HONOR, I will do my best, to do my duty, to God and my country. To be square and obey the law of the pack.” It was the first oath it think it took. I lived it all. I joined the Navy at age 20 in the Vietnam era and left Scouts behind, but not my honor.

Being “square” was a bully phrase exploited as being unpopular by the cool kids. It started in my grade school days. I think the put-down started in the 1950’s. To be cool was better than being square. The fact is the kids never knew the true meaning of being square. In the Navy there is what is called, “being shipshape and squared away”. A necessary trait for operation of the ship and survival.

It refers to the sailing days when the purpose and operation for all the (square) rigging, masts, spars, lines, and ropes had to be memorized and kept in proper order and position for the system to work properly.

Being square means your thoughts and your life are kept in proper working order. The term is used in all branches of the military as “being squared away. It’s a key ingredient of honor.

It was the actions of the three immature U.S.A. athletes at the 2016 Olympics in Rio that prompted this post. The video made public absolutely shows without doubt, their immature actions and bald face lies. They made up parts of the false story to gain notoriety and fame and brought on dishonor and disgrace to themselves and their (my) country, which they were there to represent as being examples of our “best”.

I will not use their names as they do not deserve the honor of being reprinted. I don’t care to remember them as great athletes. They are a stain on the meaning of honor. They are the ugly Americans. I will forget their names but not what they did, however brief it was.

I believe they can and should be forgiven, but forgiveness does not fix nor make anything that actually happened honorable again. They are still a shame to themselves and the USA. No rewards should be granted. Sponsors with honor should drop all support. Let them get on with their lives as once being unworthy, and start over again to PROVE they can become honorable men.

The evil men do lives after them, the good is oft’ interred with their bones. Let them change that.

A New View

Radeon 5450 in Sandbox

Sandbox (my Linux computer) has been infused with a new PCI-E video card. It takes over the video chores that were being performed by the on-the-motherboard video. It is a VisionTek PCIE 1GB VT which of actually consists of a Radeon 5450 chipset. It’s an AMD product as is the main dual core CPU in Sandbox.

The 1 GB memory on the video card card is now used rather than system memory of the on-board system.

This is not a super high performance video card nor did I intend to install one. This card is low cost and low […] Continue reading » A New View

My Sandbox


Dang! I am back on my Linux OS band wagon. I float between the Win and the Linux OS’s as the mood strikes me. Well, actually when I need a program that can only run with one or the other. I have a large investment in Win OS software, so that system can never be replaced without considerable loss of function.

However, I have often given that single OS option some thought. There is a lot of Linux freeware that can do most of the same functionality of the purchased Win products. It is the low volume very specific Win OS applications that no Linux […] Continue reading » My Sandbox

You Want to Build a Web-Site?

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I received several emails from a fella named Peter Vukcevic. He works for a company Called First Site Guide.

His first email pointed out a broken URL link in one of my numerous blog sites. Websites change and URLs do go bad from time to time. I ask that when they are found for folks to please send me an email so I can get it repaired. Peter […] Continue reading » You Want to Build a Web-Site?