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Yet Another Windows 10 Defect

Drive "A" with floppy disk

Drive “A” with floppy disk

Microsoft seems to have a team of software engineers who have forgotten the legacy systems of the past. I have a powerful quad-core desk computer that has been performing well for many years. It has progressed through several Windows OS upgrades.

Windows 10 has been the worst of all editions. Always something not working correctly or having to be turned off as an undesired “feature”. Every new update changes my preference for Adobe Reader back to the “default” Windows Edge. This is driving me nuts!

This time it is the 2.5 inch floppy “A” drive. The OS keeps trying to access the empty drive periodically. The drive light will come on and the head grunts and grinds as it is searching for something on a disk that is not present.

At first I thought it was a hard drive failure noise until I noticed the “A” drive access light comes on with the noise.

I have gone into the BIOS and removed drive “A” from the 3rd place boot disk path and removed all drives except “C” from the boot path. This was never required in past operation.

The only way I have found to absolutely stop the access attempts has been to insert a blank disk into the drive for it to “discover” and stop looking. This is a lapse in professional programming to assume that floppy drives no longer exist. An empty drive should be flagged and ignored until a disk has been inserted. A typical naive programmer oversight.

Microsoft now pushes out “bad” software updates with evidently the plan to later “update” their mistakes as users find them and complain.

What a lousy plan…

Texas Squash Bug

Want to know what this fellow is up to? Follow this link:

Virtual Shredder?

Big brother Microsoft is making me uncomfortable. Maybe I am just paranoid. I tend to blog a lot about privacy issues these days.

I have been using MS Office 365 for many years. It’s an automatic upgrade, subscription type of complete office software suite. I don’t really need it these days as I no longer work for and with major corporations. I am just accustom (and was comfortable) using it. The fear now is I don’t know know how secure my writings are. Not that I am writing anything I should be concerned about.

I just like to believe that what I may be writing is truly […] Continue reading » Virtual Shredder?

The Evil Empire is Here

The “Star Wars” fantasy evil empire exists. Not exactly in the form presented in the movies. The evil empire has the sign “WWW”. Yes, the World Wide Web and the internet data system. The epic battle scenes are in cyberspace rather than outer space.

On the surface, the empire presents itself to most people as a doer of much good. But it also has a very dark side. A very, very dark side. There is no privacy permitted to the citizens. Only for its own needs.

There is an active war going on in cyber space. The rebellion is trying to regain privacy for the people, but […] Continue reading » The Evil Empire is Here

Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio

3D Print

A new workshop blog from Ramblin’ Dan is about to appear. It will be 3D Print project oriented on a style like my machine shop blogs. It will not be about the tools, but what can be done with them. I’ll publish the link when it moves out of development.

Update: It’s up and running

As seen in this picture, I am using a Cartesian style 3D printer. My desire is to convert to the faster operating Delta Style  printer at some point. However, if I go my own way without help from a sponsor, the printer will be seen […] Continue reading » Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio