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A Creative Thought

Just finished mowing my yard, edging, trimming, the whole works. Good aerobic, couple of hours exercise for a 70-year-old male, in the Texas humid 85-degree heat. Far better that the 100 plus degree days we were having.

I am now re-hydrating with a bottle of orange G-Ade thirst quencher and have turned on the computer in my air-conditioned home office, checking emails and making sure the earth is still revolving. Don’t want to miss the eclipse in eleven days or so… The propaganda machine (TV) says it is a first full eclipse in the USA in 99 years but that is BS. Maybe the first […] Continue reading » A Creative Thought

Restoration Project

I am working on a new project. My wife Gloria dragged home a beat up antique piano stool (quite) a few months ago and said, “Here, restore this…” Ha! Little realizing I wouldn’t make it top priority. Well, maybe she did, as she knows me too well.

So today I took a look at it and decided now or never. I proceeded to test the surface finish which was absolutely horrendous and noted all the cracks and flaws. Yep, it was going to have to be a total teardown and rebuild.

It is very old so I was certain it was put together with hide glue. It is. That means […] Continue reading » Restoration Project

Vendor Alert – Adam Beane Industries

I am not holding a lot of hope for the business practice of Adam Beane Industries in delivering my order of CX5 modeling material. His web site shows my order as unpaid and I clearly have a PayPal receipt. Obviously his e commerce system is faulty and/or he has gone out of business but left his website alive. It shows several items as “out of stock”. Not a good sign of a thriving and attentive business.

I placed an order two weeks ago for material and waited the full “one or two-week delivery” posted on the web site. (2 weeks). […] Continue reading » Vendor Alert – Adam Beane Industries

Skill or Tools?

I just finished some cruising on the web looking at what metal-smiths were doing from all over the USA and the world. What I saw was a wonderful selection and variety of items being skillfully produced. It was a portfolio full of “let my imagination run wild” opportunities for creative expression.

There is so much variety in metal crafting that with me starting as a retirement age practitioner, I know I can never in my remaining lifetime try everything I have seen. Even if I had started as a young man it would not be possible. I’d like so much to practice everything I saw, but my […] Continue reading » Skill or Tools?

Texas Hots

I haven’t been able to adjust to the hot Texas weather this year. I am not sure why but it just seems excessively excessive this summer. It really wasn’t a record temperature setter but the humidity must be up. It’s not like Houston and I am thankful of that. I don’t know how those folks down there stand the humidity from the Gulf.

It could be my age but we don’t like to think about that. Air conditioning does make it bearable in the house but my favorite home working space, my garage shop, is not conditioned. I did not spend a lot of time out there […] Continue reading » Texas Hots