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Retirement – Into The Light and Still Climbing

Out of the tunnel.

It’s happened, the first time in over 40 years I am unemployed. Oh? Yeah, some folks call it retired. It was official yesterday; Last working day of February, 2015. I know it’s a record run of continuous but varied employment most people don’t experience. I always had the next employment in hand when I made the changes. This time I am at the far end of the tunnel with as of yet, no solid plan. Actually that feels good for now, feeling really free so soon after breaking out.

On the brightside of this forty plus year ride through […] Continue reading » Retirement – Into The Light and Still Climbing

Hot Shot!

Dan Kautz – Hot Shot

This photo was created by my daughter Shelley (Shel), who as you can see is a very creative photographer. Yes, she is a professional and I am very proud of her and the work she does. So the photograph is me but it isn’t about me.

Shel shot at least 50 photos I assume. Some were kind of silly, some intense, and some are what I would call studio normal. This is not in a photo studio, but my home studio/workshop. Shel wanted an authentic background.

We both hade a lot of fun. I was honored to […] Continue reading » Hot Shot!

Curse of Sagittarius

I finally found the coffee cup I didn’t know I always wanted. Every one with a December birthday would probably identify with the stated sentiment. It is the curse of Sagittarius. Probably Capricorn too.

I was always told as a child, “Sorry son, we didn’t get you much for your birthday, you’l get the really good stuff on Christmas. I swear I heard it every year, it is the god awful truth. I just had to live with it and pretend I understood. I learned early that December birthdays are a nuisance or get in the way of other “seasonal” things. I know Jesus never had […] Continue reading » Curse of Sagittarius

Little Red Schoolhouse

There was an interesting call at the house last night. Gloria took the call and it had me seriously wondering what was going on. A fellow had called saying he bought a “little red school house” painting on EBay created by Dan Kautz.

He was probing Gloria for information about the artist which got me seriously concerned. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) such activity is highly suspicious to me and I refused to talk to him without further proof of legitimacy.

Gloria told him to call back after he received the painting. I searched Ebay after he got off the line and could not find the sale. I did […] Continue reading » Little Red Schoolhouse

I Love Quill Ten

My wife is a devoted quilter. She navigates the state of Texas and the entire country by where the quilt shops are located. She also knows what fabric is in stock in every one of them. Half the upstairs is her quilting cave I call Grandma’s Attic. Sewing machines and long arm quilters, she has it all.

Well, she didn’t have a T-Shirt that proclaimed her overpowering passion to stitch tiny bits of cloth into huge bedcovers, comforters, jackets, table runners and at least a half dozen other items

I actually had a dream about this design one night and sketched it out the […] Continue reading » I Love Quill Ten