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Grandfather Time

I bought myself a Stuhrling pocket watch for my birthday. Actually my wife supplied the funding, but I placed the order. Its production lineage is a bit obfuscated by marketing double talk. The best I can determined, it is a Swiss design, made under Swiss supervision, in a Swiss owned watch factory, in Hong Kong, China.

The last part (China) explains how such a nice looking watch can be offered in the $60 price range in the real world. I have seem some BS pricing on this exact model in the $400 – $500 range. I bet they never sold one at that price.

China is now making virtually all […] Continue reading » Grandfather Time

Experience 70

My 70th birthday is in a few days. I used to think that was old age. Now I know it is. But that’s OK of course, as it beats not getting or being there. Time and age advance with nothing I can do about it,

I notice I complain more about the things I cannot control. That’s a privilege of age and should use it wisely. I am going to have to pay attention and not abuse it (too much). Far better for me to work on the things I can change. That means by what I actually take action and do.

I like the tangible. Planning […] Continue reading » Experience 70

Texas Squash Bug

Want to know what this fellow is up to? Follow this link:

Virtual Shredder?

Big brother Microsoft is making me uncomfortable. Maybe I am just paranoid. I tend to blog a lot about privacy issues these days.

I have been using MS Office 365 for many years. It’s an automatic upgrade, subscription type of complete office software suite. I don’t really need it these days as I no longer work for and with major corporations. I am just accustom (and was comfortable) using it. The fear now is I don’t know know how secure my writings are. Not that I am writing anything I should be concerned about.

I just like to believe that what I may be writing is truly […] Continue reading » Virtual Shredder?

The Evil Empire is Here

The “Star Wars” fantasy evil empire exists. Not exactly in the form presented in the movies. The evil empire has the sign “WWW”. Yes, the World Wide Web and the internet data system. The epic battle scenes are in cyberspace rather than outer space.

On the surface, the empire presents itself to most people as a doer of much good. But it also has a very dark side. A very, very dark side. There is no privacy permitted to the citizens. Only for its own needs.

There is an active war going on in cyber space. The rebellion is trying to regain privacy for the people, but […] Continue reading » The Evil Empire is Here