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My Anchorage Project

Many readers of this blog know I did a project for my company (Then TAC, now Schneider Electric) in Anchorage, Alaska. It was for the US Government, the FAA to be precise, at the Air Route Traffic Controll Center located there.

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever run. I am not able to show pictures of the project, but all the sight seeing I did while there is linked from this Blog. My company did produce a a brag sheet about the project itself for marketing purposes in PDF format. It is available on the company website and I have included it here.

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Green Pigs & Telecommuting

The current flu scare is for the pigs. I am home for a few days with some kind of upper respiratory problem. It has been hanging on for months. However, it has just recently gotten worse. <oink?> The latest media scare tactics about the swine flu has everyone in the USA in a panic. I went to the doctor but didn’t get the swab test, so there is no “name” for what I am enduring. I have more pills to take.

No aches or a pain (other than my PN) so I don’t think it is the swine flu. Slight 100 F fever. Just a deep cough slightly productive that […] Continue reading » Green Pigs & Telecommuting