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No Fault, Just Inconvenient

It certainly looks and reads here, like I am a Microsoft basher. Yes, I do point out the weaknesses that cause me to seek alternatives. What I do is pick the best tool for the requirements I need.

I can easily tolerate a Windows 10 system and its invasive habits as part of my office network. I need Windows 10 for all of my Microsoft OS design software I use every day. Windows 10 isn’t about to go away in my world.

I know my special needs make me a minority user, Microsoft (and all other) PC computers were never designed to be a primary machine control system. They are […] Continue reading » No Fault, Just Inconvenient

My Sandbox


Dang! I am back on my Linux OS band wagon. I float between the Win and the Linux OS’s as the mood strikes me. Well, actually when I need a program that can only run with one or the other. I have a large investment in Win OS software, so that system can never be replaced without considerable loss of function.

However, I have often given that single OS option some thought. There is a lot of Linux freeware that can do most of the same functionality of the purchased Win products. It is the low volume very specific Win OS applications that no Linux […] Continue reading » My Sandbox

Back to Linux (Again)

It was all I could stand, I could stand no more. I just returned my ASUS EeePC net-book back to the Linux operating system. Actually I have installed XUBUNTU which is a special flavor of the standard UBUNTU distro.

If you look back in this blog it can be determined I allowed this little net-book (I am using it now) to upgrade itself to WINDOWS 10 home edition. Sadly, Win 10 is not a good choice for the wimpy 1.7 MHz Atom processor in the net-book.

Win 10 was completely thrashing the hard drive and the processor cooling fan. The fan was constantly running on its highest speeds. Performance was […] Continue reading » Back to Linux (Again)


I reloaded Chrome on my Win 10 computer and all seems well for now. I use none of the Google services as all I am interested in is a fast browser that works simply as a browser. Google is one of those companies that wants to own and control my on line computer experience and in the meantime acquire as much personal information about me and my habits as possible. No thanks Google, Yahoo, FB, Microsoft, AOL and any other data mining operation out there trying to “help” me. I can do very well for myself, thank you.

If that sounds radical or fanatical, it isn’t. I […] Continue reading » Slackware?

Raspberry Pi Again

Raspberry Pi Model B

I posted on this little computer when I first acquired it in December 2012. Raspbery Pi was first released (model A) in January that year. The entire computer is contained on the single PC Board seen in the photograph. It is powering the full screen HD graphical display seen on the monitor. The cost was $25.00 for the complete board. This one is called “Raspberry Pi” Model B and was released in October 2012.

The design has gone through several revisions more and the maker has just released a Pi “2” Model B version that features a quad […] Continue reading » Raspberry Pi Again