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A Travel Dialogue

This could have happened while flying to Dallas….

“Hi, I’m Dan Kautz”

                “Hi Dan, My name is Dr, Ben Dover. “

“Naw… really? Wow! Are you an MD?” <Don’t go there Dan…>

                “No, PhD… I manage the operation of all the universities in Rhode Island.”

“Wow, that great. I am a Construction Services manager for Schneider Electric.”

                “Who is Schneider Electric? Sounds like a German construction company. You make electricity or build power plants or something?”

“No, French owned.  I work in the Buildings Business division”

                Oh, I see… you build, buy and sell buildings… I don’t like the French owning our buildings”

“No, we are Americans, The money is just owned by the French! You understand world economy I assume… Isn’t Rhode Island completely owned by the Italians?  Just kidding…  We build and install things to control energy use in buildings everywhere in the world.”

                “Yeah, funny Italian jokes…  OK we’re even…  I know… building automation like Siemens and Johnson Controls. You are a controls company, I think we have Johnson controls, maybe it was Eye/net  — umm, Is Siemens French too?”

“Ha! I don’t know about that… No we are more than a controls company. We are One Schneider.”

                Oh, were there two of you at one time. What happened to number two?”

“There is no number two. We just do everything for energy management under one name, not just buildings. So we use the term One Schneider Electric.”

                “Why didn’t you call yourself Schneider Electric User Management?” Is that all you do is turn on and off electricity?

“First, I guess because we were Schneider Electric first… and no, we manage all types of energy.”

                “Then you are really Schneider Energy…”

“Well, that is one of the many things we do, so that is why we call ourselves One Schneider.

                “But I thought you said you worked for Schneider Electric.

“Yes, I do. We also used to call ourselves Energy Solutions but Schneider wants folks like you to know our real name is Schneider and that we are one place to go for everything. So we use the old name, Schneider Electric to keep it simple

                “That’s confusing. But I’d like to hear more…

“I’d, give you my card, but we don’t have any yet… “

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