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Hot News – Making a Difference

The very hot weather here in North Texas has kept me in the air conditioning for the last few weeks. Temperatures have been hovering at the 100 degree and above range. Actual real world temperature, where people work and live are much higher by sometimes 10 degrees than what is reported officially out in the middle of DFW airport. The weather reports “no new records” so the official temperatures (105 F) are typical for Texas this time of the year (the hottest!)

The Air Conditioning at my home is running and the meter keeps slowly ticking over. Thankfully, I have replaced all my mechanical heat pump systems with the highest efficiency available (the original builder supplied units were not the best rated) and my home is SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) foam core external walls and roof. I have one of the best energy efficient homes being constructed today. I have been involved in the energy business for nearly 50 years, so I look for the best.

I now work for a company named Schneider Electric and my business is still energy management. I am very involved with large buildings indoor environment control and the reduction in cost to manage that kind of large space. Major cost contributors are the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. Just like my home, this severe kind of hot weather really drives the building’s owners need for our (Schneider Electric) services to reduce the operating cost of their very large buildings.

Of course we do much more than just HVAC operation management in large buildings. We perform building management for everything from lighting to building security. Visit the SE corporate website to see all the things that Schneider Electric is doing for the world’s energy management, especially in my sector of Buildings Management. You will notice the company’s only color is green, a sign of the times. Click on the Schneider Electric logo (upper left corner) to start back at the home page.

If you think nothing major can or is being done about the cost of energy, that is the farthest thing from reality. It is happening today and it is happening in a grand scale. My credentials include CEM (Certified Energy Manager), BEP (Business Energy Professional) and CSDP (Certified Sustainable Development Professional). The last one, Sustainable Development is also a critical world environmental requirement we manage.

My point is if you or anyone you know (child, grandchild, friend) wants to be involved in the cutting, nay bleeding edge of real making-a-difference world energy use, Schneider Electric is the company for whom to go work. Check out the careers tab on the company web site. Anyone will be far more productive “saving the planet” working here than hugging a tree. (No offence intended.) We are not fanatics, just solid thinking engineers and energy managers making a huge real-world difference. Tell ’em Dan sent ya’!

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