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Around My Digital Office

I have been doing some writing here in Ramblin’ Dan but haven’t been sharing many pictures. I guess it is easier to write than take the photos. The fact is writing about things like computer file servers isn’t very photogenic. The beauty is how it works, not how it looks.

I am adding a replacement for my old HP Scanjet IIc color scanner. I bought the Scanjet about 18 years ago. It still works just fine but HP stopped listing it on their website and it needs a SCCSI port to interface with the computer. The SCCSI is no longer supported by drivers for WIN7. So now I must run a USB scanner. I have some good uses for a scanner but not every day.

Lots of choices available on new scanners, many at less than 1/10 the price I paid for the Scanjet. I chose the Epson V600 as the replacement. I considered the upscale V700 and V750 (still a lot less expensive than the Scanjet) but could not make the cost justification.

I won’t have the new scanner until after the New Year starts, but will post a picture and the results of my testing.

I kind of like to have a product that I can show off after I complete a challenge or task but that usually doesn’t happen when I am playing uh… working with my computers. But then I have my work shop that can produce that kind of deliverable evidence.

I am happy with the workshop. I think I have it about where I need it as far as the major machines. I have been spending more time on shop projects. That work is presented in the other blogs and websites. Not everything there is done with CNC. I do enjoy pure human handwork, leaving the computers off, but I admit that isn’t the majority of the way I do things these days.

The office is the place where I run my business paperwork and do my CAD designing. Some projects I can build from a handmade sketch, but if CNC is involved, I need an accurate drawing. My entire being, even the workshop is dominated by the binary computer.

The only way to keep everything in proper perspective is to remember the computer is only a tool and not a master. If the old masters had the tools, they would use them too. I am sure of it. It is always the result that is important. Sometimes it just feels good to do it the “old” way.

I have been told that cursive (longhand) writing is as obsolete as Morse (CW) code is in amateur radio. My wife has music students that tell her they cannot (or will not) read the longhand instructions she has written out for them. They have to have them printed from a computer to be able to read them. Her handwriting is outstanding by the way…

So times have definitely changed and the change is away from the manual skills. I hope to keep some of those skills alive, but not in my office. I need my digital computer there.

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