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Recovery Mission

I had a 250 GB hard drive connected to my router via a USB port. It served me well as a place to store backups outside of any internal computer drive. It was always there and didn’t need a computer or another server to be running 24/7. It used the router/switch to do that.

About two weeks ago my home network must have taken another hit from one of the many electrical storms here in Texas. I posted a blog entry about losing my LAN port on my main computer mother board and my router/switch forgetting my password. It also killed the USB interface in the external USB drive mentioned above.  Last night I determined it also killed the USB circuit in the router/switch. It’s dead at BOTH ends.

That means I can no longer just plug a new USB drive into my old router/switch.  If I want the function, I’ll have to replace the router/switch.

A coworker at Schneider lent me a nifty rescue/recovery device for old, out of the case hard drives. It allows me to plug into almost any kind of bare hard drive and give it power and a USB2 interface. I was able to (as shown in the picture) just plug into my Linux box USB port and transfer over 63 GB of files to a safe place. Please excuse the rather grainy pictures as I shot them with my iPhone under poor lighting.

The old drive when first started made a LOT of whining noise so I was initially worried if I could recover the files. After about 30 minutes the drive got hot and the noise went away except for the expected head clicking sounds. I was able to fully extract and transfer all the files. I am not going to trust the drive again since all the start-up whining.

I am pleased it wasn’t mission impossible.

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