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Niagara Falls ?!

Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch.

I remember this being said in a Three Stooges short movie whenever the words “Niagara Falls” was mentioned. I assumed (when I was a kid) it was a famous quote from a book or a movie.  Do a search today on the Web and it will show the quote was used in Vaudeville acts and by other comedians. I guess you had to live back then to understand…

Well, slowly I have been turning the barrels for pens. Not barrels for Niagara Falls. Actually pen barrels are small and don’t take too long to make. Above are a couple of pictures of some I have made.

Most of the parts are purchased in a kit so the only work is turning a wood block down to size on a wood lathe and finishing the wood. Last is to just assemble the parts.

Here is a link to my workshop where I show how I make them. Slowly I turn…

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