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This is a nice morning for an August (12) day in Texas. It is in the high 70’s which is cool this time of year and it is wonderful to sit out on the back porch viewing our small lake. The three remaining Russian geese are sleeping a few meters away. (I choose metric because if I said yards I’d have to explain the 3 foot kind.) I see I did that anyway. Ha! The forth goose disappeared early this summer and is assumed dead. They have been here roaming free for almost 15 years. They can have an “attitude” as geese do, but just like any living creature all that is needed is to have mutual respect for how they behave. Geese don’t like to be “petted” by by anyone. If children chase them there will most likely be retaliation. It is a lesson called respect.

A half dozen turtles are poking their heads above the water taking a breath and having a look see. Ducks of all colors and types swim past. Lots of natural life out here not living in a zoo and cages. Lots of fish I can’t see but know are there.

Just a nice quite morning with a cup of fresh ground coffee to sip and my web book to record the moment. The baby PC may seem like a jolt back to technical reality in this natural setting but actually it doesn’t intrude. It is totally silent except for some slight key clicks. I don’t think it is any different than writing in a diary.

That is all this blog is for me. A published diary of whatever I want to say. For now it is about a very beautiful morning with no interruption or noise from human activity other than my own. That kind of disturbance will begin as the day goes older but I feel blessed with a few moments of escape to the natural world right here on my own porch.

My first cup of coffee is gone and I see visiting grand children across the lake have ventured out to play with the dog for about five minutes. They are back inside probably to watch or play with simulated reality. I’ll go inside for a refill of my cup and start my own disturbances for the day.

A quite, calm, cool morning is a wonderful part of living. I should do this more often…

2 comments to Visit The Morning

  • Hello: Dan
    I have built the Dauntless model- 20 plus yrs. It has gone through several updates, still a work in progress, naturally!. I am a member of the North TX.
    Boat Club. We meet the 3rd Sat. at Josey Ranch in
    Carrollton and a meeting first Wed. of each monrh at
    the Senior rec. center in Farmers Branch. Larry Buchwalter is our President, he calls the members if
    we are to meet. I plan to have my Dauntless there, if you have time, stop by. We never know who’s coming. There’s only 14 members.
    I’ve read your blogs, it’s an interesting concept
    having a two way exchange. It would make an interesting discussion at a future meeting.

  • Dan'l

    Hello Jack. I have heard of your group. I was in the Dauntless forum for awhile. I work in Carrollton and go by the lakes at least once a week. I grab a hamburger at the Brahms on Josey. What time on Saturday? – Dan