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Ramblin’ Dan’s Gallery

I just put up a new photo gallery attached to RamblinDan. The URL is  I had another gallery located at (also a sub-domain of this blog’s URL) for many years but the spammers found out they could post comments so I had to make a change. No more comments. The old URL now links to the new.

I created the original photo gallery just so I could post the pictures I took over ten years ago while working (for seven months) in Anchorage, Alaska. They were referenced by a posting still here inside the blog. Because there are so many pictures it was far easier to create a separate sub domain gallery and just link to it in the post.

In this update I added some old live steam model train pictures I took years ago. Take a look if you are interested in model trains. I plan to add more subjects I find interesting and have photographed in quantity. That means if I have too many good pictures to just to post in the blog.

I love photography so I may also post any “artsy” photos I have, but don’t hold your breath. I don’t intend to labor too hard on the gallery just now. I just had to put on my old pipe fitter’s cap and fix a flooding problem. I’ll post a reference here in the body of the blog when I add anything. There is a permanent link in the left column under “Dan’s Retreats.”

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