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July 4th Photography

I was just sitting on my rear porch playing with my 2yr old Sony NEX-5 camera. I had put a lens adapter on it and connected my Minolta 100-200mm telephoto lens.1:4.5 (22) lens. On the Nex-5 it is equivalent to a 150-300 lens on a 35mm camera. Nothing special as far as subject, just the usual Egret, Mallards, and Russian Geese. The lens is manual focus in this situation.

Far side of lake is about 200 feet away.

Many of the shots are at ISO 6400, yes really at around f20 and 1/1000 second. Later shots near the end are ISO 400 f8 and 1/400 sec. From the camera they were a bit over exposed so I reset exposure in Lightroom and copied to all photos. The results are what you see. There is only one shot that was slightly cropped and it is 4th from the end.

The lens is from my Minolta film 35 and it seems to serve well for my APS-C size sensor. It is a slow lens and I’d like auto focus but “Hey!”, I own it. No sound except at the very end. Yeah, the video is a bit boring but it’s a holiday. I can’t work too hard…




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