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Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu just updated to version 13.10 so I updated “Sandbox” and my little Netbook to this new version. The updates went flawlessly with nary a hiccough on either machine.

I don’t see any difference at the user level interface and in a way that’s OK with me. There was nothing wrong I could detect in the older version (13.0). This is just their standard sequence of progressive update releases. I grabbed a screen shot off Sandbox and included with this post.

As I have been saying for some time now, I am impressed on how well Ubuntu works, including the easy auto-updates. It is the perfect OS for someone who only needs what’s become the standard features for the typical office or home computers. Those are systems with no need to run OS specific custom software.

If you like the thought of a “free” OS and also almost all application software that is legally free, this is what you want. Still highly recommended by Ramblin’ Dan as an excellent alternative to the high priced spread.

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