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Texas Hots

hot-weatherI haven’t been able to adjust to the hot Texas weather this year. I am not sure why but it just seems excessively excessive this summer. It really wasn’t a record temperature setter but the humidity must be up.  It’s not like Houston and I am thankful of that. I don’t know how those folks down there stand the humidity from the Gulf.

It could be my age but we don’t like to think about that. Air conditioning does make it bearable in the house but my favorite home working space, my garage shop, is not conditioned. I did not spend a lot of time out there this summer.

Last weekend I was running a PC computer for my CNC milling machine and it (the computer) just locked up and quit running. It never does that! I looked at the thermometer on the shop wall and the temp was in the mid nineties. I think what happened is the computer just got too hot and crashed. I checked the computer over the next day for dust plugging up the innards (found none) and ran the program again. I moved the computer a bit and there was no problem. However the temperature was still in the nineties in the shop.

I think we are over the hump for very hot weather so I am gearing up to do more shop work. I am hoping my timing is correct. I run some large fans but all it does is move the hot air around.

The yard has been holding up well and I always let it grow a bit long but well trimmed in the super hot weather. The length really helps it to stay green. I’ll cut it shorter in October as the grass always goes into hibernation for the winter anyway. I don’t hibernate so I have to keep working… the shop will be cool then.

My back yard is on a small neighborhood lake so I have to stay ahead of the grass maintenance. I also can’t build a shop building and delete some of the grass as a building would block the lake view for the neighbors, the HOA rules.

If I had to design my own residence from scratch, I would surely have an air conditioned space for my workshop. Some people might call it the living room. Just kidding but don’t laugh. Those kinds of homes do exist. I have seen pictures. I really wouldn’t go that far, but I would certainly have the most comfortable workshop I could design.

I have been in the air conditioning business all my life. You would think I would have planned my shop better.  The fact is what I have is still a garage in a residential neighborhood. Seventeen years ago I should have selected property where I could have had a garage sized conditioned workshop in the back. I got a lake instead.

I work with what I have.

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