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cobwebsOh no! What have I done to myself? I have to clean out the cobwebs in my skull and make room for more brains. I am going to get back into my brain shell and be born again, or is it Bourne again…  I have to refresh myself in using the BASH (Bourne Again SHell) commands that are used to communicate with Linux and Unix.

I need BASH commands but will actually use another protocol – SSH (Secure SHell) to play with my new cloud server.


Today there is a ‘BIG STINK” that the decades old BASH is corrupt and insecure. It just shows to go ya that if someone looks long and hard enough, stands on their tippy toes on the edge of a 10 story roof and leans over at 96 degrees less than the horizon, they can peer into the dirty X-window below and see a crack in the opposite side of the room they can perhaps enlarge, leading into a more secure area if they were already in the secure room that they have just peered into while dangling on the edge of the roof. Is nothing secure these days? 🙂

Of course the crack should be patched as soon as possible.

But first let’s tell the entire world about that old crack so other folks (I call then crackers) can hang out on the edge of the roof and see for themselves. They love this stuff.

Meanwhile, SSH is not BASH so I am still good. Err… I think. Hmmm…Who cares anyway…

Some folks do.

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