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Eye Exam

eye_examJust spent two hours today getting my deep blue peepers (eyes) examined. It has been about two years since my last exam so I was a bit overdue. What pushed me into getting it scheduled was the fact that my right eye has changed and my eyeglass prescription was nowhere close to my needs.

I could easily but fuzzily see the problem. Nothing was in sharp focus at any distance with my right eye. I have been favoring my left eye for most of my fine vision and I know that wasn’t something I needed to endure much longer.

My diagnostics of my right eye problem was correct. It went seven steps in a direction from negative into a positive measurement. Eye folks know what that means but it is a very big change and my new specs will make a huge difference in dual eye vision. I can hardly wait.

The new lens will require about two weeks to be created so I have to bear with my present vision for a bit longer. That’s ok as this time I am getting a high quality brand name product. I have been told it will make a very noticeable improvement.

Other medical conditions of the eyes are fine with a very slight presence of cataracts. Nothing needed such as an operation but I will be keeping “an eye” on how that condition progresses. I’ll post another article in a couple of weeks on how the new spectacles perform.

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  • Dan'l

    Today I picked up my new glasses for the second time. The first pair were absolutely horrible with the prescription being somehow totally messed up. My vision was worse with the new glasses than with an old pair I have had for years.

    I went back and the eye center and the ophthalmologist did another exam more thorough than he had done on the first try. This time he took pictures of the inside of my eye, a permanent record. That was because I had developed light flashes in my right eye, a few days after the first exam. The photo’s actually show the problem area on the cornea.

    The new pair of glasses are much improved over the first “try”. Changes were made in the prescription but I have not been told what the problem was with the first lenses.

    All the extra work, the second exam and the new lenses are of course no charge so the only thing I lost was a couple of weeks of time.

    Sometimes you have to keep trying until you get the results for which you paid for on the first try.