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Ode to a Broken Window


Not just broken, it’s dead. It my 24 inch flat screen 244T Samsung monitor. Goodbye old tool, you served me well. One of the only electronic devices in my home office that survived the lightning strike on June 29, 2009. Seven more years isn’t too bad.

The monitor was born… err… made in January 2006 so it is just over 10 years old. It was one of the best in its day but as anything electronic, there have been a lot of technology improvements. But still it provided a first class picture for my needs for a decade. After all, it’s just a tool.

But now it feels like I have to go and make viewing choices I wasn’t even thinking a making a few hours ago. It’s not like having something like car lust, craving a new one just because it’s new. When a tool is working well, there is no need or desire to upgrade.

Dear old friend, you served me well.

But now your dead and gone to, shall…

I say a better place in which to dwell.

I’ve puled your plug, and cables out.

You may proceed. With no doubts,

of serving well for Daniel Kautz.

1 comment to Ode to a Broken Window

  • John Jay

    Alas, poor screen, it served you well.

    To it you were not mean

    But when it died, did it smell?

    I hope not like old dung.

    So which went first, Sam or Sung?