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OneNote Saving Story

thI usually don’t write directly to my blogs. Editing live  online within a web page has some danger. I have lost considerable work from touching the wrong key and having everything disappear from the screen. I forget the golden rule in computers which is to save constantly.

I usually use Word  or OpenOffice to write my posts. They work fine but are a far more powerful tool than required.  I have rediscovered an MS Office tool called OneNote. It provides a host of organizing information features and centers around a simple text editing engine. The power is it can save multiple types of files in grouped and organized system. The power of the tool is not the text editing, which is fine for this purpose, but the organization of the assembled information.

It is literally an electronic notebook and scrapbook for creating and saving information in a systematic way. While the same thing could be done by creating a system of directories and subfolders, OneNote looks and feels a lot more organized.

One very unusual feature is that everything entered is instant auto saved. There is no “save” command. It just happens constantly. It is actually a bit unnerving. It is like writing in a note book with a pen, I don’t have to save anything. It is just stays there until I change it. A feature that should be in every word processor. At least as an option. I would certainly have it turned on all the time.

Why in this 2016 computer age do we still operate like client/server mainframe computing with our text editing? In a client /server system, nothing is actually processed or saved until it is sent to the mainframe. That is extremely ancient computer technology.

In today’s word processing there is an option to auto save every one minute or longer. I usually set 5 minutes. But in this age, it should also include instant saving. If OneNote can do it invisibly, they all can.

Here’s my vote for an improved file save system. I have decided to work with OneNote for a while and use the real word processing  systems for the fancy display editing. Every tool has its purpose and I want to explore If OneNote is a “better mousetrap” for blog editing.

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  • Dan'l

    I have been using OneNote for a few weeks. I find it very useful but have found one fairly annoying feature for writing blog text. There is no paragraph formating for a blank linefeed or space after a carriage return. In other words, the paragraphs are very difficult to see in a document as there is no gap. There is a little hover pointer in the left margin that marks the paragraph. I would rather control the page formatting. If I add a blank line (CR) for separation, that extra blank line is carried over with the cut and paste.

    A little detail but annoying.