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One Giant Step…

I took the step and I am now the owner/operator of my very own 3D hobbyist grade FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) type printer. That’s the extruder style. They are the most reasonable cost for students and hobbyists to experience “making” with minimal investment.

My other web sites and blogs are going to have the in depth coverage of what I do with my machine. Here is a link to the tab in Ramblin Dan’s Workshop.

I have had it about a week and have made some parts with the one color (white) spool of PLA plastic I picked to get started. It won’t be long until I add more colors. Not sure when I may venture into other types of plastic like ABS.

Mostly I have been working on getting all the speeds and feeds and a multitude of other setting correct. Not an overwhelming task. I just like to experiment a bit for the smoothest and best looking output. I have found out slower is better.

A single build may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 hours. It all depends on the size of the part being made and the thickness of each layer that is applied.

Every young person I talk to knows what 3D printing is all about. Maybe not the fine how to details but they have been exposed to the process. I am thinking that the Christmas  gifting will see a lot of these printers getting into middle and high school age students. Also old guys like me will be getting involved if they want to keep up with what’s hot. (It’s the 200 degree Celsius that melts the plastic…)

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