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Slay the Dragon?

Jabberwocky_Concept_by_Michael_KutscheI’m glad the cell phone problem is over. Too many problems and strange things are going on in the world today. I think most of the serious problems are created by how easy it is to grab a moment of fame. Everyone wants to star in a viral video as if that was some ultimate goal and purpose in life. Anger always gets top billing.

Perhaps even my post about the cell phone added a bit to that. My intent was to show that sometimes perseverance and slow to anger can overcome difficulty. As Dragnet once boasted, the names were changed (or not used) to protect the innocent. I think the media needs to do more of that. Criminal identity needs to fade into oblivion.

Tell the story. I don’t really need to know the person and their background in intimate detail. Let the “authorities” do their job. The media and I mean ALL media have become the super watchdog professing a “right to know” about every minute detail to “report” to a hungry public. It used to be called “gossip”. I know something you don’t know.  All a part of being “better” than the competition. Sometimes knowing and telling need to be tempered by common sense. Media are far too immersed in the glory and the power of helping stage and create the news event. Then making sure they spread the story as thin as it can be spread.

I have watched reporters here in Dallas, poised amidst a crowd of “demonstrators” and become obviously and outwardly dismayed in their facial and body language and even their choice of words that everything is proceeding peacefully. I can only hang my head in dismay at such open and easily observed disappointment.

It’s a slow day when only “good news” can be broadcast or printed. No Pulitzer prize in that stuff.

The world is now an open stage with a guaranteed instant audience via social media as well as professional media. The new competition for the old school professions has been a swing to providing the same outlet for breaking news as the co-ed with a cell phone and Twitter account. The two have taken to joining forces. Lots of cellphone coverage in major media.

Sometimes knowing there is pro coverage creates the needed incentive. The ability to be publicized is as important or more important than the cause. Face it. We know that is true. The upcoming political conventions are ripe for this.

Shooting cops at a rally has obviously much better instant coverage than random acts of the same violence. More bang per bullet. It has encouraged at least one copy-cat.

Terror, whether one person or an entire army, needs an audience. We are so willing to make that audience global. What are we doing here? There needs to be some shame rather than fame in bad news. That’s a moral dilemma, I know. Who decides how that is done?

I don’t think we can or should close the show. Pandora’s box has been opened. I have decided to just turn off the talking heads once I know what has happened. Endless hours of the jabberwocky, mislabeled as ongoing “reporting” is of no value to my knowledge. Leave the dragon be…


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