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Back to Linux (Again)

It was all I could stand, I could stand no more. I just returned my ASUS EeePC net-book back to the Linux operating system. Actually I have installed XUBUNTU which is a special flavor of the standard UBUNTU distro.

If you look back in this blog it can be determined I allowed this little net-book (I am using it now) to upgrade itself to WINDOWS 10 home edition. Sadly, Win 10 is not a good choice for the wimpy 1.7 MHz Atom processor in the net-book.

Win 10 was completely thrashing the hard drive and the processor cooling fan. The fan was constantly running on its highest speeds. Performance was so slow that the machine was totally useless. Many menu items were totally unresponsive. A lot of it was due to the applications as well as the OS. It was just a bad OS choice.

I am not going to expound on WIN 10 as it was definitely my choice to upgrade from the original lightweight win 7 Starter that came with the computer. I had run it dual boot with Ubuntu also installed. Standard Ubuntu is a bit heavy for the netbook as well. That is why I have XUBUNTU installed now. The GUI seems a bit less intense on processor cycles.

I can’t say this is the ultimate OS (yet) as I just completed the conversion. One thing is VERY apparent. The processor cooling fan is not even running as I compose this article. That is a HUGE difference from WIN 10. It will also be a big battery saver.

Did I mention XUBUNTU is absolutely FREE?

So I have learned a lesson. That is what trial and error is all about. I would have no idea if WIN 10 would be such a dog on this net-book unless I tried it. Now I know from personal experience.

LINUX Thoughts

I have have gone back to using Linux UBUNTU in my daily browsing and especially Facebook browsing. I have had two take-over malware attacks while browsing Facebook using a Chrome browser on Windows 10. I had to shut down and cold boot both times to escape. So far this has not happened again using Linux.

Now that this net-book is back up to standard performance I will probably use it with Facebook too.

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