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You Want to Build a Web-Site?

I received several emails from a fella named Peter Vukcevic. He works for a company Called First Site Guide.

His first email pointed out a broken URL link in one of my numerous blog sites. Websites change and URLs do go bad from time to time. I ask that when they are found for folks to please send me an email so I can get it repaired. Peter did just that.

I saw his signature on that initial email linked him to the First Site Guide. To be honest that did raise a flag as I wondered, “What is Perter up to?” It seemed he does web site work as a profession. No problem, as I do ask for feedback.

I fixed the problem and sent Peter a short reply, thanking him for his alert.

Peter’s next email came back exactly a week later. Today actually.

He had read a post in one of my other blogs and liked what I had to say about small business. Peter seems to be perusing my web publications with some interest.

Peter went on to tell me a little more about what he actually does at First Site Guide. Here are his actual words:

Therefore, I want to inform you that we’ve released an extensive in-depth guide intended for web newbies that will answer all their questions and needs regarding the creation of a completely new website, where we’ve also covered the building of an e-commerce site.

Please check it out for yourself:

I went to the website. It looks like an excellent introduction into setting up your first web-page or a complete e-commerce site. The best part is it is all free. That “free” raised a small concern flag for me too. There must be a hook somewhere, just waiting.

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of many pages that claims they make their money from the companies whose products they recommend. That’s why they can supply so much free help. OK. I can buy that for a first look. lists the domain,, with,LLC and which MAY be some of their funding source. I have no idea if that is true, but I did do that simple lookup research and some thinking between the lines. I just wanted to see where they spend their money. Certainly there must be many more resources they tap. There seems to be a lot of folks on the payroll.

I haven’t fully vetted this resource, but I do think it has a lot of what to me, looked and read like excellent reference on the subject. I saw no obvious strings attached. I recommend to anyone considering doing their own web publication to give this web-site a hard look. Download the PDF guide. It is up to you if you want to do more than just look and read.

Web site publishing, especially on a business need or purpose, is not as easy as some web publishers claim for the untrained newbie. This site from what I read, will tell you that. That’s good.

I think First Site Guide is probably exactly what it claims to be. A totally free information guide for the newbie. But honestly, if I was running the store, I would be waiting somewhere on the sidelines with my professionals. To provide a management service for a fee, to the folks who eventually decide after trying, that what they really need is a professional on their team.

Nothing wrong with that if you go in with your eyes open and don’t necessarily believe everything you read on the Internet… even from me.

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