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Dang! I am back on my Linux OS band wagon. I float between the Win and the Linux OS’s as the mood strikes me. Well, actually when I need a program that can only run with one or the other. I have a large investment in Win OS software, so that system can never be replaced without considerable loss of function.

However, I have often given that single OS option some thought. There is a lot of Linux freeware that can do most of the same functionality of the purchased Win products. It is the low volume very specific Win OS applications that no Linux programmer can duplicate that keeps that from becoming a reality.

However, Windows 10 has become such bog with all it’s built in spyware reporting going on behind the scenes. I always choose Linux for web browsing through all the marketing land mines now embedded in almost every website and service on the Internet. It’s a dangerous jungle out there.

Most traps are designed for the Windows OS. Apple and Linux with their UNIX OS background can be targeted too but not nearly as hard as Windows.

Well, I am rambling here about the same old OS stories. Sorry.

What I found myself doing was looking at one of the new tiny NUC computers created by Intel and actually considering a Linux only OS for it. I am not in a serious market mind to make that kind of purchase. I was exploring where the state-of-the-art with small format PC’s has gone. I could use the desk space if I swapped out my Linux “Sandbox” (named) machine with a much smaller footprint box. Note: Most hackers give their computer hardware “names”.

Sandbox is a pretty decent Linux box. I built it to be a low electrical power user but still a decent dual core AMD processor. I just ordered a low power fan-less video card to improve on some of the video lag inherent from the on-board video I have been using for years. That video is strapped with sharing the low speed standard RAM on the main board. I hope I made a wise choice. Sandbox has 8 Gigs of RAM so it can live on with still a lot of life left if the new gigabyte RAM video card does its intended job.

I’ll post here on my video upgrade in a few days about how it goes.

Today there is actually no crying need for computer cases to be this large. The era of constantly upgrading and swapping in new hardware has in my opinion, gone away. There are still a few die-hards like myself with the new video card that will still do it, but the major market has disappeared. It now lies with the hard core gamer crew.

I have drifted more towards using the computer for a particular need rather than just building one to play with the “hottest” hardware. I can’t understand the brag about having 16, 24, or 32 Gigs of available RAM with no obvious way to ever need or even use that much. It’s just because you can…

Sandbox doesn’t need 8 Gigs, but I had to put something in those empty slots.

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