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Windows 10 Goof

goofyWindows 10 did a huge update on this computer two days ago. But not one of those patch and go corrections that usually happen. Not this time. My computer was out of service for more than an hour with several self-induced shutdowns and restarts. I was expecting a major update as there has been news of one coming.

Microsoft dumped this one on me unannounced. A really good OS provider would garner a little more respect from this user with a notice that the update was major and would require several hours’ downtime. It’s simply good manners.

Fortunately, there is a Linux box setting right next to the Win10 computer. It can do all the basic work except run the Windows only programs.

There are plenty of warnings during the Win10 update that it is going to take quite a while. So time wasn’t wasted watching a very intensive update tick away time.

The big goof was after the update completed, a very annoying problem was included in the new Win10 OS update. My sound system was now listening to my hard drive head movements. At first I thought someone was whispering behind the computer screen. Or someone was clawing their way through the real (house) window also behind the screen.

Of course those scenarios were ridiculous but that is how it sounded. I knew it was created by the hard drive as the sound followed the blinking drive light on the front of the computer case. It is also not the first time I have heard this phenomenon.

The point is the sound wasn’t there before the update but was now a very annoying background sound. I was thinking about filing a complaint to Microsoft about this new “feature”.

Last night while shutting down the computer, there was another update notice tied to the OFF button. Either update and shutdown or update and restart. I chose shutdown and went to bed.

This morning the usual “Wait while we configure your computer” messages had to be endured. Window users get used to that. Amazingly, when everything was back to full operational readiness, the scratching audio was GONE! Obviously Microsoft must have known there was a problem or received a whole lot of hate mail. In any case within 24 hours the sound has stopped.

The extremely quick fix is unexpected but very welcome. A major update followed by the patch may have been the plan all along. Who knows? SO I will call it a goof and a thankful quick fix. It’s got to be a major headache to update millions of computers and get everything right on the first try.

Again, going into the OS to discover obscure privacy switches and turn off all the background reporting that is being generated within the OS was necessary. Updates seem to turn them on again. Most reporting is designed for mobile computing and doesn’t apply to a home based desk system. Personal computing is now very far from personal and certainly not private. Caveat Emptor.

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