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The Evil Empire is Here

starwarsThe “Star Wars” fantasy evil empire exists. Not exactly in the form presented in the movies. The evil empire has the sign “WWW”. Yes, the World Wide Web and the internet data system. The epic battle scenes are in cyberspace rather than outer space.

On the surface, the empire presents itself to most people as a doer of much good. But it also has a very dark side. A very, very dark side. There is no privacy permitted to the citizens. Only for its own needs.

There is an active war going on in cyber space. The rebellion is trying to regain privacy for the people, but the Empire knows that its privacy invasion is the root of power. That’s what evil empires do… hold power over the people.

So, what can be done? Well, for now, nothing. All that is required is that we know it exists. Just being aware we are under constant monitoring is protection. Any privacy must be exercised off the grid. There is a lot of good intention behind spying. That is how it is sold to the masses, for our own good.

The Empire has constructed huge data collection and just as important, STORAGE systems of every bit of information we generate in our so called “normal” daily lives. The information is being mined, sifted and categorized and sold to the highest bidder. It’s called targeted marketing by the profiteers of the Empire’s information system.

The problem is it makes all of us a target for what marketing people call a “share of our wallet” or a possible enemy if we try to evade detection by civil authority. I understand, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

The informative fact that I wrote this and right now, the fact that you are reading it, has been recorded and stored. Meaningless at this moment, but on some judgement day, it may prove you know about the both sides of the privacy struggle. Perhaps you are doing “bad things” out of view of the Empire?

My plan is to live like I am on constant surveillance. That’s because it is true. Big brother IS watching and recording.

If you watched the recent USA world series (baseball) you noticed (beyond all the spitting) that every conversation was behind a glove or some sort of uh… cover-up. Think about why…

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