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Grandfather Time

I bought myself a Stuhrling pocket watch for my birthday. Actually my wife supplied the funding, but I placed the order. Its production lineage is a bit obfuscated by marketing double talk. The best I can determined, it is a Swiss design, made under Swiss supervision, in a Swiss owned watch factory, in Hong Kong, China.

The last part (China) explains how such a nice looking watch can be offered in the $60 price range in the real world. I have seem some BS pricing on this exact model in the $400 – $500 range. I bet they never sold one at that price.

China is now making virtually all the low and much of the high cost watches these days. So it is not all bad. It is just that Stuhrling is not very transparent on the manufacture location of this watch. They play up the Swiss heritage to the highest degree.

The model number on my watch is 6053-3333. There is an exact duplicate in polished stainless for about $10.00 more. I like the “warm” look of the gold color.

I ordered it from, whom had the best price and free delivery.

I owned a pocket watch probably 60 years ago when a very young man. My maternal grandfather owned and only used a pocket watch. My brother and I received our own when we could treat it properly. I think it was a Hamilton or at least USA made and certainly was not high quality or price. I just remember owning it and actually using the watch pocket in my jeans.

I may have worn it later in life, but have no recollection of what happened to it. Probably quit working and was discarded.

This Stuhrling appears to be a very good watch. I have to say it… “time will tell if it was a good purchase”. I wanted a fully manual, wind up watch. It must be wound every day, It’s a watch you take care of and treat with respect. Yeah, it’s a throwback to old technology. I think that makes it something special these days.

It is a bit small it seems, for a pocket watch (as I remember my original) but I knew and expected that when I placed the order. It is also a bit hard to read with the skeleton face design. I also knew that going in.

So for me, it meets all expectations. Accurate time keeping will be determined.

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