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More Aw Nuts

I have done more investigating am it appears the the AWNUTS folks are alive and quite well, simply living independently. That’s the nature of doing things your own way. It’s fun to see what others of the same ilk are up to, but it doesn’t need a formal organization to lets say… set standards. The point of whimsical is there are no standards except those of the creator.

A place like Pinterest is a sensible home base. I followed links to some very well done web sites created by the artists. I think that is a great way to organize. Everyone can do their very own “thing” yet share and enjoy what others are creating. It’s a great system. No need at all for commercial support or formal organization.

I assume there are folks that do like organization or more formality. They can go off and do that if they desire. I like rule #1; 1. There are no rules.

This has started my mind wandering and pondering the possibilities of totally independent and whimsical art, perhaps with a railroad theme. It certainly isn’t scale model railroading but it definitely is well done art. It’s the imaginative humor and sometimes exquisite attention to frivolous detail that says, “look at this” with a smile and an understanding.

I was pleased to see the “Birdwater & Raspberry” drawings (Bruce Bates) still in print and available. It’s 2D illustrative art on the same whim.

I really don’t have more time to spend on a new pursuit, but I am burning time and a few brain cells thinking about all the possibilities. I can see how my workshop, lost wax casting and 3D printing can be used to manufacture some whimsical models. Aw Nuts! Just thinking about it is fun…

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