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Going Dark

The Facebook (FB) forum has come to be the dominate watering hole for the social media. I “went dark” for three months because of the high volume of senseless pandering of political views and the incessant targeted marketing of unwanted products aimed to my viewing habits. No one missed me… Ha! I found some peace.

FB is as annoying as cable TV in its dominating data mining of it’s viewers habits. Both now determine and “profile” the reader/viewer into target categories. Yep, cable is two way and records your viewing habits. Both systems have become over dominated by direct market commercialism and “tailoring” advertising content to fit the viewer. Cable now publicly brags they are doing this.

I am not going to debate what is obvious. I am getting very tired and annoyed at seeing nothing but “over 65” marketing. It may be efficient, but it is not winning any product points from me. I use the “off” button and go dark much more often.

Not All Bad

I write my own blogs on topics and views that are strictly my own. They are almost totally unseen as few people know how or care to subscribe to minor blogs for regular reading. What is happening is blog writers are posting in their own blog space, then providing a link from FB to their postings. I have done that on numerous occasions. It works quite well to bring in readers.

Love it or hate it, Facebook has become the center of the communication hangout universe for a lot of people.

Linking to Facebook works so well, that I plan on doing that much more often. It will help my blog postings get more initial “air time” and people who are not interested in what I post can still ignore the link if they choose. The link will soon go away when ignored.

Posting from one of my blogs keeps everything I write in one place. Ever try to find a FB post you read even a few minutes after you once view it? Unless it is very “popular” with lots of hits or you know whose private wall it may have come from, it quickly disappears from any further access. But what I write stays in my own blog. Not saying that what I write should last forever, or not, but it has that chance if I fully control the source.

Some Privacy

I am NOT a fan of storing a lot of personal postings and pictures in Facebook. Zuckerdude and his hench-people do far too much data mining of every detail within their control. They can visit one of my blogs if they choose, but I don’t think a remote source is easy for them to manipulate. Deleting out of Facebook is no guarantee that anything has actually been deleted. I have NO TRUST when it comes to Facebook keeping privacy morals.

It is what it is. Facebook is a necessary communication resource. I will make my own rules whenever I can.

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