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MS Office 365

Pulling the plug.

I pulled the plug on Microsoft Office 365 (subscription) last night. The primary reason is my use is not worth the $99 a year fee. Just another forgotten and ongoing cost I no longer need. An auto-renew notice popped up on my Windows screen and reminded me of the pending charge to my credit card..

There is nothing wrong with the office package. I just have no need for all the features. I can get what I need from an office suite from a free system such as LibreOffice which I am using to compose this post. I also use the Linux OS computers far more often than the Microsoft.

The significant difference for me is the cost, free versus $99 a year. Note the key words are “for me”. I am not campaigning for other folks to change. I just examined MY current and future needs.

I don’t lose the local install of MS Office on my Windows computer. I just shut down the updates and all the remote “connected” services I don’t use, but pay to have available.

If I was running an active business with several employees needing a suite of office software tools I would have to consider the networking and file sharing which are the primary benefits provided by MS Office. For a larger business needing these features, the cost is insignificant.

I had to do a bit of searching to find the stop process. The “un-subscribe” is well hidden. A query into the “help box” finally showed the way. It’s there if one looks hard enough and asks for help. Typical, easy to start, hard to stop, a S.O.P. tactic.

With the Windows 10 fiasco, it looks like I am anti-Microsoft in the last few posts. Not true. I am just evaluating what works and doesn’t work and doing what’s best for my needs. I get lazy and let old ways just continue. That is not smart if I am spending money for things I don’t use. Evaluating current needs and making adjustments to what I have control over, is the smart plan.

I feel smarter already…

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