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Register Addiction

I am not sure what else to call it, an RA (Registration Addict). There are some people inhabiting the internet who have a compulsion to fill in a registration form where and whenever they can find one. I am sure there are many reason for this activity. No simple excuse.

For some it may be a test to see if it will lead them to additional web access to explore and perhaps abuse.

Some do it because they think it increases their “exposure” in the ranking search engines, especially in blogs like this where they have a way to include their own URL’s or devious email addresses.

For kiddie hackers, it may be just something to do. Perhaps a fun way to play with identity theft.

I really don’t need to know the reasons. I suspect there are far more that I have not mentioned. The result is a lot of bogus registrations flooding registration systems.

In most cases, it is just a lot of unnecessary clutter included in the real purpose for the registration. It is still abuse of the system but does nothing more than take up server space.

I use filters on my blogs where I offer reader feedback. I never offer open reply, at least for the first submission and always personally scan what has been entered. Years ago, I offered an open forum. It ran well for a few years, but was spoiled by a large number registration addicts (RA’s), that were only interested in their own agenda. Always posting off topic and usually immoral crud.

Recently email identity theft is a popular activity. The RA uses an email address of someone they intend to harass. (Harassment by Proxy) Back in the snail mail days, the perpetrator would use the victim’s name and mail address and fill out all the information request forms they could find. Usually a favorite ploy at “home shows” and other public events where gathering registrations is a desired goal, and there is no cost except time. Sometimes it is unsupervised children who think they are doing parents a favor by requesting information at every booth.

Email address theft is just a new twist to this very old practice.

I have no cure or solution. I post it here as simply an observation of human behavior. The persons involved may think they are unique. They are conforming to a well-known behavior trait. It is a secret activity they enjoy exercising that is generally harmless and is usually just annoying for the victim.

A few RA’s may be attempting fraud or something else illegal that is more serious. A simple registration with bogus information will probably not be considered a criminal act. It depends on the intent, and if something of tangible value is the result obtained by such misrepresentation by the RA person.

That’s when law enforcement will likely get interested.

Some people just need to get a better life… and find a new game to play… outdoors… in the sunlight. :p

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