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AWS Experience

I built a fully operational blogging website in the Amazon Web Service “cloud”. I had no operational need to do so. The web site was without a purpose. It was “Just another blog” with no basis for publishing anything important.

I did write and publish a few random articles like I do here. The sole purpose for establishing the website was for the experience of working with a fully functional “cloud” based server. I succeeded.

I shut down the website a few days ago. The monthly cost for that cloud website was in the $20 a month range. That is very low cost for a commercial website, but far too expensive for me to maintain long term. Something that serves no ongoing publishing purpose and has no tangible return on the investment, doesn’t need to be fed forever. It was a creative effort project, built for the experience, that served its purpose.

A benefit of using AWS is only paying for what you use. Almost instant on/off, fully under control of the owner. All that is needed is the knowledge and skills with the “cloud” tools provided by Amazon.

Doing things like this helps me keep my edge on Internet technology.

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