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AT&T – Awful Telephone and Telegraph Company

New cable modem WiFi router with VOIP on right. Original WiFi router, Network HD and cable modem, L to R.

They finally did it. Lost a lifelong subscriber, me.

I have been loyal for no real reason. When something works, I have no desire to make changes for the sake of change. “When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

My home phone service broke on June 12, 2017. Totally dead line. No dial tone, no noise. Just like someone cut the wire. Could be I did it outside my house where the wire goes into the ground. It has seen nearly 20 years of weed-wacker abuse. I bumped the terminal box out in the front corner of my yard with the mower. It’s a round post like metal enclosure. The cover wiggles a bit. I’ll never know where the problem lies.

I do know the problem is not within my house with the equipment and wiring I own. I tested my equipment. Those who know me know I am very electronic and electrical savey. AKA “A qualified person.” The absolute proof is that my NEW PHONE SERVICE uses the exact same equipment and internal home wiring with absolutely no problem.

I called AT&T for service. Real humans are not to be found. One has to “talk” to a computer that claims to understand complete sentences. That is, carry on a normal human conversation. Don’t bet on that.

After endless references on how to fix the problem myself and the computer telling me it has checked the line and nothing is wrong, I get to the point where the computer will send out a service person. In four days. Huh? Four days? They must have to scavenge around to find a living person. No choice on that…

They create a ticket and tell me I can monitor it on-line. And give me the link. OK in four days I will be able to talk to a real person.

The next day I check the link provided. Yep I am on the list, alright. However, the contact information is unusable. They used the non-functioning house line rather than the cell number (also AT&T) as the call ahead number. I had used my cell to contact them. Rats, but there is an “edit the information” feature. So I enter my working cell number. After I push “enter” and look at the results, the service call is pushed out another 7 days! WT… um… HECK! This is nonsense. Ten (10) days to get a service tech to come to my house?

OK AT&T, you just blew it. Go to Jail (hell) and don’t pass home on your way. There are a lot more players in your business. It is now obvious you are NOT INTERESTED in customer service or even remaining in the copper wire landline phone business.

I contact my cable TV company (Spectrum) and discover I can get voice over IP telephone added to my package with every conceivable phone service available (caller ID, unlimited USA, Canada and Mexico calls, ad-infinitum) for LESS cost that my current package and I drop the $75.00+ monthly payment for the AT&T line. So what if it quits when the power does. We all have an alternative with cell phones. I get to keep my original number too.

No brainer. The switch was made the day AT&T said they would come. That same day, the AT&T service person calls me and delays the service call for another day (Yes, really!) I told him don’t bother. I already have service from another carrier.

All my TV hardware (the set boxes) were totally replaced and updated. Caller ID appears on the TV screen when it is on. Amazing tech.

When something breaks, I fix it. Sorry but I can’t fix AT&T. They are beyond all hope. But I did fix my communication problem.


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