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Phony Marketing

The sad part of all my residential phone line hassle is that I have almost no personal need to use it. It has become entirely a direct marketing communication resource for solicitors to harass people (me) to purchase things not needed or wanted. A cell phone now fulfills my meager personal communication needs.

There will never be a viable phone industry “no solicitors” list on residential phone calls because there is no outside way to enforce it. Cell phones were once a sacred “no solicitation” refuge but that has been broken too. Personal attention to Caller ID is the only viable remedy.

I had an unlisted (private) residential land line for over 20 years when working in the family run contracting business. When my work changed, I acquired a published number. Private lines became an extra premium cost and some solicitors will use unethical auto dialers that call all numbers in a phone exchange.

I answer no unsolicited calls unless, through caller ID, I can recognize the caller and pick up before the recorder activates. If the call is otherwise important, the caller can leave a message. I will decide what calls I return (or not). The telephone in my opinion is the rudest form of personal social interruption, demanding immediate attention to stop whatever I am doing, at the caller’s demand.

If the caller has a blocked ID, and does not leave a message (almost all do not), I will never call the number back. On my cell, I can block incoming calls from that number, (A very handy feature.) Blocking works both ways.

If it is a random solicitor, even when I am doing nothing else at the moment, I usually don’t feel a desire to say hello. I am not avoiding friendly contact. Just the SPAM Marketing that is totally intrusive.

In my grandparents day, a phone call was an “event”. A reason to be excited about who may be calling. A phone call HAD to be answered, it was an obligation. That thought is a relic from the past century. Marketers still “bank” on it…

Some people are still “old school” and don’t mind the interruption by the phone. I don’t desire or need many interruptions and constant hours of pointless social conversation every day. Only back when I was about 17 years old and crazy in love… Actually, I do enjoy taking friendly calls, if they aren’t pointing at my wallet…So please don’t stop calling. I love your personal calls! 🙂

Intense direct marketing is a free market sales tool and is here to stay. But it is OK to fight back in defense of privacy and social etiquette.

I don’t mind when the people I call do the same filtering. I understand. Many times, if it is to a cell phone, I will text first and say, “Call me when it is convenient.” Or when I call, I ask, “Can you talk right now?” It is the polite way to interrupt. Unless I have called to say, “Get OUT! Your house is on fire!!”

Public business establishment lines are a totally different situation and have nothing to do with this line of thought about personal interruption and solicitation. People get paid to be available and answer the business phone… The “rules” are not the same.

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