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RING Issues

Ring Pro Confidence

Ring Pro Confidence

At first, the RING doorbell looked like it would do exactly what I expected. Be there to monitor activity at my front door. But it has fallen seriously short of expectation in only the first week since installation.

The hardware is fine. It works. The problem is the Internet servers used by RING to process and store the video. On the afternoon of October 31 (Halloween eve) the servers quit working. The error messages made it look like it was my hardware. I checked with my son who has a RING installation miles away and his system was off-line also. It was not my hardware.

The service did come back on-line about 6:00 PM local time, just before the kiddies started “Trick or Treat” visits. The gap in security, when security is what RING is all about, is a bad breach of confidence.

I was thinking the sudden surge of door visits and video recordings as Halloween visitors began their rounds may have overloaded their servers. An indication of inadequate expansion of server processing power for the surge of activity.

Last night, November 1, at 9:00PM the servers went totally off line again. At midnight they continued to be off. When I retired for the night, the RING servers remained off-line.  This doesn’t bode well for a tool that is supposed to be a video security system.

This morning the video recordings are back on-line. It appears to be functioning as it should. Faster than it has ever been operating in making new video recordings accessible. I was noticing considerable lag between the time an alert sounded, and when I could view the recording, Usually 5 -10 minutes after the RING alarm. Again, not good for a security system. Perhaps the down time was for making corrections.

I was testing my Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength on my rear porch with my cell phone, when the service went off for the first time, on October 31. At that time, I was considering adding a second camera to cover the rear porch, backyard, and lake area. I had a Wi-Fi signal but no video. Reason, the servers were off.

Now that I am experiencing the unstable and unreliable internet service, the expansion plan is on hold. I am going to have to see at least a month of solid internet up-time service before I spend another quarter grand of retirement money on a flakey security system.

RING is on the verge of total confidence failure.

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