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DRIVEing Me Crazy

My main computer has a strange malady. It’s running Windows 10 OS. It’s an old machine with an Asus M4A78T-E mother board. I just installed the newest BIOS for it – dated 2012/1/31, from five years ago. It was one of my attempts to fix my system problem. Making sure everything is the latest edition.

I intended to update the C: drive to one terabyte from its present 500GB. My plan was to trade out the 350 GB D: drive with the one TB drive then do a image copy of C: to D: Then make the new D: drive the C: system drive. I almost got that far then discovered a boot problem. Can’t do the image copy to D:

For some reason, rather than the C: drive, I must set the boot disk to the D: drive in the Asus MB System Boot ROM to the old 350 GB drive to get the computer to boot. Not just any D: drive. Only the current D: drive. All the disk investigation software shows me that the 500GB C: drive contains the system files. The old 350 GB D drive must have some magic boot sauce in it. I can’t find any though.

I am afraid to do anything too drastic as I don’t want to lose all the software installed on the C: drive.

I eventually did find the secret path to getting to a recovery screen in WIN10, but the only option was to go back to WIN 7!! Waaatttt! That’s nuts.

The present D: drive may have been the original boot drive (C:) but has been D: for nearly a decade. The computer started life with Vista, Then WIN 7, then WIN 10. Somewhere along the line, the MB boot and the drive designations have gotten messed up. I swapped cables, I swapped everything. Flashed a new Boot ROM. Nothing makes it work correctly.

The computer has no ability to boot from a USB (WIN 10 rescue) thumb drive. WIN 10 rescue disk needs 8 G so I can’t use a 1.4 GB floppy or even a 4.4 GB DVD. There is a super secrete CTL-F3, press on boot, rescue… but I am not interested in regressing all the way back to WIN 7. Half my new software will probably not run in Win 7.

If I didn’t know better, I would think it was all a planned obsolescence…

I am back to where I started. Better to have a working system than a total messy loss…

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