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And now, the rest of the story…” ~ Paul Harvey

My “big” PC

My 10+ year old main office PC (computer) with WIN10 has been giving me problems. I had a hard drive failure which was the boot drive. Fixed it and was running great, better than ever, but suddenly, earlier today, the whole dang PC went south. Fans run, and I have 12 and 5 volts, but mother board is dead. No video at all.

Looks like I must get a new one. Feeling much sorrow, grief and despair. Started to study what it would take to replace my old friend, browsing the Internet with my Linux Box 🙁

Midnight, I went to bed. Then my mind clicked on. Good place and time to think.

I had looked at the boot ROM (EPROM actually) battery on the computer MB and told myself I should check it. It is buried deep inside on the MB under all the SATA cables and other wiring. A near impossible place to access.

In bed I realized I hadn’t done that simple check. Got up and went back to the torn apart computer and pulled the battery. Should be 3 volts. On my Fluke, no load, it measured 3.3 volts. Cr*p, that’s good. So, I put it back in. Of course, pulling it cleared all the boot ROM setup. I pushed the start button and HOLY CR*P! It’s booting! OMG! and a few other excited exclamations.

F1 key put me into the Boot setup menu, so I reconfigured the MB boot ROM setup. Then it resumed a normal start. But…

This was a very long restart. Then I saw the truth. The boot failure occurred during a WIN10 AUTO UPGRADE REBOOT!

What I had seen when I came to my computer earlier in the day, was it had stopped at the mother board ROM boot splash screen. It never does that. When I hit reset, the screen went blank and the computer quit working completely. Only the fans were running.

WIN 10 had snuck in while I was away, did an upgrade, and tried to reboot the computer. It finished the install when it rebooted after my battery test. I watched the usual juggling balls and upgrade percentages tick off.

The battery may have had a flakey connection in its holder and my removal/insertion fixed it, or WIN 10 is the evil monster I have always thought it was. Ha!  (I can laugh now. My computer works again… )

What a great new year week I have been having…  1:10 AM… back to bed now.

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