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No Pictures Allowed

I suddenly developed problems loading photos (jpegs) to my CMS sites through their built-in PHP handlers. This was for Joomla and WordPress. This was only with ixwebhosting. I tested my Joomla in the AWS cloud and back end photo loading worked perfectly there.

The strange part was that it seemed to be only with .jpg files I had been editing with Adobe. But I soon discovered files straight off the camera had the same issue. It seemed to be something with not accepting the mime type. The error report said the photos were “dangerous” and the upload was blocked.

I searched the forums on the web and found some similar cases. No one had a solution. One fellow said he completely re-installed his website on a new registration (and server) with his hosting company and the problem went away. So, it seems to be a webserver issue with perhaps PHP and mime types.

In ixwebhosting, on the management page, under the WebServer section, there resides a MimeTypes selector icon. This leads to a page where mime types can be added (or removed) from websites. I have NEVER used this section in the past but now seemed like a good time to see what this does.

Instructions can be found here:

I added these two  mime types to all my Joomla and WordPress sites:

.jpg        image/jpeg

.jpeg     image/jpeg

The .jpeg is probably not necessary as I never try to load .jpeg, but it is now there anyway.

This has solved the upload problems with all my PHP based CMS websites with .jpg files.

If I have similar issues with .png or any of the other pictures formats, I (and you) now know how to fix the issue.

Seems to me something changed around the first of the month (March 1, 2018) at ixwebhosting. I didn’t see any problems reported on the site but perhaps the Ship hasn’t hit fan yet. It may only be certain (older) servers like the one on which my websites are deployed.

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