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One Giant Step…

I took the step and I am now the owner/operator of my very own 3D hobbyist grade FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) type printer. That’s the extruder style. They are the most reasonable cost for students and hobbyists to experience “making” with minimal investment.

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My other web sites and blogs are going to have the in […] Continue reading » One Giant Step…

3D Printing

I have taken a hard long look at where Additive 3D printing technology stands today. I have determined it is a viable high quality creative process in the high end commercial and industrial marketplace. This is because it is a large investment to get top quality output.

I have no first-hand experience using any 3D printer, so my judgement is based on available video and information gleaned from internet sources. A condensed reference for 3D printing is available on Wikipedia:

The bulk of the consumer grade 3D printers, up to one thousand dollars, are really playthings. (Don’t hate me if you own and love one. […] Continue reading » 3D Printing