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Terms and Conditions

I had a customer complain to me because I sent him his order with signature required. He was upset because he would have to go to the post office to sign for the parts. I can understand his dismay. It is a royal PITA when what you expect is to just have it arrive.

I had a terms and conditions page that said I would ship with this requirement whenever possible. But somewhere along the way of updates it got deleted. I don’t order from my own store so I wasn’t aware. He was the first person in many years to complain about the signature.

Well, I […] Continue reading » Terms and Conditions

I Was Locked Out

Back in late 2011, I purchased an iPhone 4S through my employer vendor. I had moved into an inside corporate office position and no longer qualified for a company paid data phone. I could have a corporate paid cell phone number but the phone and the data service I had to personally pay for myself.

No one including me wanted a voice only cell phone and in fact they were quite rare. I wasn’t required to have a cell phone since I was tethered to a real office desk and a desk phone. So a free cell phone line was considered an employee benefit by corporate thinking. All corporate cell […] Continue reading » I Was Locked Out


I was going to say, “I hate to complain” but then I realized that wasn’t true. Sometimes I love to complain. Complaining is the motivator for change. The problem is to complain and then do nothing more. I think a complaint should be a personal call to action. I am talking about my complaints which by their very nature of being mine, are perfectly justified. I can’t claim that about OPC (other peoples complaints)…

I have personally discovered that there are almost always an alternative for the things that annoy me. I don’t always want or like the alternative, but I know it exists. Its like complaining […] Continue reading » Complaining

Love What You Do

The KautzCraft Studio (KC) is now my main retirement vocation. I wonder if that means I am not retired. Well, I feel retired so I will keep the designation. KC doesn’t provide me anywhere near a real income, but it does stop me from robbing banks. Banks, because that is where the money is kept… Ha! I think Willie Sutton is reputed to have said that.

I’d much rather be working with silver than in a chain gang.

I see an endless number of options and creations I can make while working in my studio. I like working with all kinds of materials with silver so far being the only […] Continue reading » Love What You Do

Trouble In Paradise

My Ramblin’ Dan’s Store is hosted on the AWS cloud server. Paradise is sometimes imagined as somewhere up in the clouds.

My trouble was SSL certificate that encodes and decodes all communication between my store server and my customers had expired. I knew it was coming so I had purchased a new certificate well over a month ago. I thought I had installed it properly but I had not.

The store site stopped working and was warning everyone who looked at it that it was not secure and might be an impostor trying to fake out users. Serious wrong news. It even scared me!

Turns out I […] Continue reading » Trouble In Paradise