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P(r)aying For Rain Water

After a hard summer last year of extended drought conditions, north Texas has been blessed (?) with double average rain amounts. This comes to us in severe thunderstorms and multiple tornadoes. Mother Nature has seemed to have left out nice long gentle rains from her bag of weather tricks. Like Morton salt, “When it rains, it pours.”

However it comes, the rain is welcome. The problem for me has been the electrical activity that an all but gentle rain produces.

We haven’t experienced a direct lighting strike again but we have endured power outages and lighting induced emf surges. The same emf fluctuations on the cable […] Continue reading » P(r)aying For Rain Water

Hot News – Making a Difference

The very hot weather here in North Texas has kept me in the air conditioning for the last few weeks. Temperatures have been hovering at the 100 degree and above range. Actual real world temperature, where people work and live are much higher by sometimes 10 degrees than what is reported officially out in the middle of DFW airport. The weather reports “no new records” so the official temperatures (105 F) are typical for Texas this time of the year (the hottest!)

The Air Conditioning at my home is running and the meter keeps slowly ticking over. Thankfully, I have replaced all my mechanical heat pump systems with the highest […] Continue reading » Hot News – Making a Difference

Making It Exact

Check out this URL in my THMShop blog:

I just finished installing a Digital Read Out (DRO) on my machine shop milling machine. The link to my other blog will tell you how to see the four page report and the about 80 pictures I took when I installed the DRO.

This device will alow me to perform accurate machining much easier than before. A DRO has been state-of-the-art in manual machine tools for years.

FM30 Repaired

FM30 Repaired


Wahhh! I just discovered another victim of the lightning disaster at the ol’ homestead. I have a small FM broadcast band transmitter (1/4 watt) that I use to transmit Christmas music for my computerized light show. Yesterday I discovered it had become a paperweight.

It was setting among the computer gear on my large desk and was plugged in but turned off using the button on the front. It is powered by one of those plugged in wall warts (transformers) that consume a little energy even when they are not in use. Yeah, as an energy manager (CEM) […] Continue reading » No FM