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Happy Birthday Kids

My children (boy-girl twins) celebrated their birthday in my home yesterday. They will be 44 on Tuesday (tomorrow). Hard to believe it has been that long. We are blessed they are still best friends and both live near us here in Dallas, TX area. Both are married and my son has a daughter, now age 7. That’s our nuclear-fissioned family. (We are split but still live in the same reactor!) 🙂

So that makes my wife and I 25 when they were born. We were so young but so happy. Twins were not expected. Can’t forget the day as it was 10 below zero in northeast Ohio. Not […] Continue reading » Happy Birthday Kids

P.A.R.K. Field Day 2015

This is the center of a 160 meter dipole using an auto tuner at the center

Two fellow Amateur Radio Operators, James – KW5CW, “Fuzi: Dave – KG5IBQ and myself – W5EHS visited the Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK) Field Day event. It was located in Russel Creek Park in Plano, Texas.

I was once very active in this group, but work demands let me slack off active membership for about the last decade. I was publisher for the newsletter for several years at that time and created the first digital format. But that was long ago. Now it was time to […] Continue reading » P.A.R.K. Field Day 2015


Except for viewing my family activities I have become extremely annoyed with the management and total control Facebook has over many people’s lives. For me it has become the false profit of Satan and destroying cultural values and the right (or is it now become a privilege) of personal privacy. Yeah, I am an old fogey and damn well proud of it.

I shared as little personal information as possible in Facebook “registration”. I even lied about my age. Facebook constantly and incessantly (Hmm. Those words mean the same) tried to “figure me out”. From my friends it was calculating where I was born, my complete family […] Continue reading » Facebook

To Infinity and Beyond

My kids, Steve and Shel are now over forty years old. Wow! I have forty year old kids. If you don’t know, they are fraternal twins. I think I have to let that forty years soak in for awhile. Wife (mother) Gloria and I will always call them kids. We have a special license so we can do that. It’s called the parent license. It’s kind of like a poetic license.

We let our friends make use of the license too. It is OK for them to ask either “about the twins” or “How are the kids?”. It makes me feel younger or maybe it makes our friends feel younger. […] Continue reading » To Infinity and Beyond

Ladies of the Lake

I just had to post this picture. I call these gals the “Ladies of the Lake” as they are friends, all living on the same end of the little lake that adjoins our homes. Left to right is Evelyn, Sandy, Pam, and my wife Gloria. The picture was taken at our home at a wedding shower party held for our daughter Shelley. I did not take the picture, the photographer may have been Danielle.

If you are a photographer, you may appreciate this picture as I do for it’s technical requirements. The severe back lighting is a challenge. […] Continue reading » Ladies of the Lake