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To Infinity and Beyond

My kids, Steve and Shel are now over forty years old. Wow! I have forty year old kids. If you don’t know, they are fraternal twins. I think I have to let that forty years soak in for awhile. Wife (mother) Gloria and I will always call them kids. We have a special license so we can do that. It’s called the parent license. It’s kind of like a poetic license.

We let our friends make use of the license too. It is OK for them to ask either “about the twins” or “How are the kids?”. It makes me feel younger or maybe it makes our friends feel younger. […] Continue reading » To Infinity and Beyond

Ladies of the Lake

I just had to post this picture. I call these gals the “Ladies of the Lake” as they are friends, all living on the same end of the little lake that adjoins our homes. Left to right is Evelyn, Sandy, Pam, and my wife Gloria. The picture was taken at our home at a wedding shower party held for our daughter Shelley. I did not take the picture, the photographer may have been Danielle.

If you are a photographer, you may appreciate this picture as I do for it’s technical requirements. The severe back lighting is a challenge. […] Continue reading » Ladies of the Lake


My 90 some year old auntie Emma (Kautz) Mason whacked her forehead on a paving brick as she tripped and fell down leaving her daughter Trudy’s home in Canfield, Ohio last weekend. It all happened so fast I was told that Emma had no chance to break the fall with her arms. That would have probably broken her arm or other bones.

The brick created a about 3“ x 3” L shaped gash that required 13 stitches to close. I saw the pictures shortly after the sew-up and the wound looks huge! Head wounds are always bloody so I can only imagine what she looked like before the closure.

Emma […] Continue reading » Intervention

Generation Facebook

I have seen this term posted around quite a lot lately. I assume Generation X has been superseded by Generation F. I guess as I get older it is harder to keep track. I know what it means but I don’t assume that it is important. I am the leading edge of the real baby boomers having been born less than a year after WWII ended. Each generation seems to have established a new title after that.

I was a Facebook (FB) participant for about six months, maybe more. I am not involved now. I found it to be too commercial and confining. I also think it is too tightly […] Continue reading » Generation Facebook

The Cat’s Away

Good news is that Gloria is away this weekend with her favorite hobby, quilting. One of those deals where all the women (no men!?) get together on a retreat weekend and do their cloth cutting and sewing thing.

It’s her first big outing since the breast cancer was discovered. That event suddenly stopped our lives (especially hers) for like eight months. Wow! has it been that long? Her Chemotherapy has left her with aftershocks (recovery aches, pains and swelling) and her hair is still not growing, but she is getting back to being a road warrior again. That’s a great sign.

Although all the physical repair work is not done, […] Continue reading » The Cat’s Away