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Taxes Filed

There is nothing I dread more than filing my taxes, so the feeling of getting them over and done is a wonderful sense of relief. It doesn’t matter if I owe or can claim a refund. It’s the concern if I have collected and safely preserved the mountain of paper “evidence” randomly sent to me in the mail for the previous three months. The complexity of the process, if your working-for-a-living  life is anything but “plain vanilla”, is a sure indication it is a process created by a government bureaucracy.

I’ll put the rant aside. It just feels so good to pass the exam and move on to better things. […] Continue reading » Taxes Filed



What has happened to honor? It seems a lot of boys and girls don’t know what that means these days. I can’t call them men and women even when they are old enough. There are adults who have never matured into people with honor. Those who have no clue, think honor is only a military phrase.

Honor is taught (or used to be) in the military at all levels. Especially embedded into officer training. But “Honor ” is now a seldom heard catch phrase in the civilian world. Some current politicians and especially a few juvenile Olympic athletes are unaware of the meaning nor have a clue it applies […] Continue reading » Honor

A Spin on Fast Time

Fast Time

What’s wrong with our scientific community these days? They have become so wrapped up in wild theory and supposition, none of the “what if” troops are paying any attention to the real stuff. You know, the things that affect human life today.

For me it is Fast Time. At least that is what I call it.

In an age where EVERY storm with a thunder clap in it is reported as severe, I have become numb to caring about minor things like climate change. It’s going to happen. It always does. Let’s get real. Too much time spent on that. Its obvious it […] Continue reading » A Spin on Fast Time

Not For Drones Only

I just registered with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) as a hobbyist operator of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). That means I can legally fly radio controlled “drones” and any radio controlled model aircraft that weight between .55 and 55 pounds. It doesn’t indicate or mean that I am trained or qualified to do so.

There are a few safety “rules” I pledge to abide by, and I must place my registration number on my aircraft. That’s it. Nothing different than I have been doing as a 50 year plus member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

It is blatantly clear this has nothing to do with qualifications such […] Continue reading » Not For Drones Only

Making The Numbers

The right answer?

I just read a thought provoking short article about learning. It was written rather critical about how poorly the USA education system works today. Being short it presented a vague generalization of the situation. But to me it seemed disturbingly probable. It stated how education today is missing the goal of teaching how to think. The goal today is to teach results and provide the answers so no child is left behind. It’s no longer how to play the game. The score by any means is what is now most important.

I am not the person to make or confirm that […] Continue reading » Making The Numbers