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Making The Numbers

The right answer?

I just read a thought provoking short article about learning. It was written rather critical about how poorly the USA education system works today. Being short it presented a vague generalization of the situation. But to me it seemed disturbingly probable. It stated how education today is missing the goal of teaching how to think. The goal today is to teach results and provide the answers so no child is left behind. It’s no longer how to play the game. The score by any means is what is now most important.

I am not the person to make or confirm that […] Continue reading » Making The Numbers

Privacy Opinion

This is an unimpassioned observation, not a rant… 🙂

We American people and certainly the folks in all foreign lands have totally surrendered our privacy to social sharing and government scrutiny. I am aware that everything I do today is being recorded into massive electronic databases for present known and future unknown exploitation.

Every public and internet purchase I make using credit cards is stored and examined for information about my habits. This includes every tank of gas or gallon of milk. Cash purchases in stores, which I seldom do these days, is stored as video data.

The very worse privacy killer is anything connected to the internet. Widows 10 […] Continue reading » Privacy Opinion

Understanding GPS

Passive location, position, navigation and mapping.

News and entertainment media as well as now common devices such as cell phones have obscured the true function of GPS (Global Positioning System). Its only function is to provide accurate position information to a receiver that can “hear” three or more orbiting satellites that transmit signals toward earth. Sometimes a transmitter at a known place on earth is combined with information from the satellites to increase accuracy.

The device on earth that computes the location is a multi-channel receiver with powerful computer logic that decodes the location of the receiver. Through programming it can also provide speed and direction and […] Continue reading » Understanding GPS

Jury Duty

The pans are empty. Why is Justice tipped?

Time to roll me through the jury processor once again. It would seem to me that in a near Dallas county like Collin, there would be a multitude of prospective jurors. In my house either my wife or I get called to duty about every two to three years.

That seems rather often to me. The problem is they call at least ten times more jurors than they need as the lawyers “tune” the jury selection process. I think with that process and the fact that county residents with perfectly clear criminal records are getting fewer as […] Continue reading » Jury Duty

Every Step But The Last

At the end of November 2014 I received a traffic citation while driving in Carrollton, Texas. It’s like a road tax for working (employment), buying all my lunches, making purchases in local stores, servicing my car and in other words spending most of my time and money in this fair city.

The city is a well know speed trap with many well-traveled roads posted at 30 MPH and strictly enforced. Four years ago I was cited for speeding while accelerating my approach to an extremely short (30 yard long) on-ramp to blend into 70 MPH freeway traffic. The access road was posted 35 MPH. I was literally […] Continue reading » Every Step But The Last