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Behind Schedule

Because of my real work, I always feel I am behind schedule on my work shop projects. Nothing in the work shop (to do) is on a critical path. So my anxiety is self inflicted and totally controlled, but I still feel it.

My plans have always been to build a workshop that I can enjoy while I am in retirement. Retirement is a time when I assumed it would be harder to make large machine tool purchases so I wanted the major equipment costs out of the way while I was fully employed; Thank you God and country! I am pleased I have made that goal and every tool […] Continue reading » Behind Schedule


I took some time off this week and will be taking more time off towards the end of the year. I am working on my RoboBoat project testing my abilities to stay focused on doing fine motor skill work in my shop and also manage my current small Internet business.

I am discovering that my expanded business planning could exceed my abilities and time. I realize that my physical strength due to my increasing Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) may not be up the demands of making product and running a full time competitive business.

I have […] Continue reading » Serendipity

Health and Comfort in North Texas

To what I am referring is the percent relative humidity (%RH) in the homes in my area and I am sure in thousands of other homes in the southern states. I am a Yankee by birth and a Texan by choice. I have been raised since birth in a business called Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. (HVAC) I am, as they say on Myth Busters, “Don’t try this yourself, we are experts!”, an expert in HVAC.

In Northeast Ohio, every HVAC system needs and usually has a permanent humidifier as part of the equipment. Long cold winters are damaging to health and to buildings and furnishings when the indoor %RH […] Continue reading » Health and Comfort in North Texas


My 90 some year old auntie Emma (Kautz) Mason whacked her forehead on a paving brick as she tripped and fell down leaving her daughter Trudy’s home in Canfield, Ohio last weekend. It all happened so fast I was told that Emma had no chance to break the fall with her arms. That would have probably broken her arm or other bones.

The brick created a about 3“ x 3” L shaped gash that required 13 stitches to close. I saw the pictures shortly after the sew-up and the wound looks huge! Head wounds are always bloody so I can only imagine what she looked like before the closure.

Emma […] Continue reading » Intervention

The Cat’s Away

Good news is that Gloria is away this weekend with her favorite hobby, quilting. One of those deals where all the women (no men!?) get together on a retreat weekend and do their cloth cutting and sewing thing.

It’s her first big outing since the breast cancer was discovered. That event suddenly stopped our lives (especially hers) for like eight months. Wow! has it been that long? Her Chemotherapy has left her with aftershocks (recovery aches, pains and swelling) and her hair is still not growing, but she is getting back to being a road warrior again. That’s a great sign.

Although all the physical repair work is not done, […] Continue reading » The Cat’s Away