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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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No Packing Needed

I purchased my house… again. It’s called refinancing. Glori and I signed (I counted them) exactly a zillion papers late yesterday afternoon. It’s called a closing because I think they closed and locked the doors after we left. Did you know it takes exactly an hour to sign a zillion papers? Well we know it is a fact and you have to be very fast.

No details to expose here. I don’t care to tell and there is no one else’s need to know. Lower interest of course and it was a good thing for us to do at this point in our home ownership and our life. The extreme […] Continue reading » No Packing Needed

October Day (6)

This is cool. I am sitting on the lake porch with the EeePC netbook running on battery and writing a story. Oh yes, I am connected to the home network and the internet so I can check mail as I am working. Pretty nice […] Continue reading » October Day (6)

Ladies of the Lake

I just had to post this picture. I call these gals the “Ladies of the Lake” as they are friends, all living on the same end of the little lake that adjoins our homes. Left to right is Evelyn, Sandy, Pam, and my wife Gloria. The picture was taken at our home at a wedding shower party held for our daughter Shelley. I did not take the picture, the photographer may have been Danielle.

If you are a photographer, you may appreciate this picture as I do for it’s technical requirements. The severe back lighting is a challenge. […] Continue reading » Ladies of the Lake

Christmas Snow of ’09

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