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Ladies of the Lake

I just had to post this picture. I call these gals the “Ladies of the Lake” as they are friends, all living on the same end of the little lake that adjoins our homes. Left to right is Evelyn, Sandy, Pam, and my wife Gloria. The picture was taken at our home at a wedding shower party held for our daughter Shelley. I did not take the picture, the photographer may have been Danielle.

If you are a photographer, you may appreciate this picture as I do for it’s technical requirements. The severe back lighting is a challenge. […] Continue reading » Ladies of the Lake

FM30 Repaired

FM30 Repaired


Wahhh! I just discovered another victim of the lightning disaster at the ol’ homestead. I have a small FM broadcast band transmitter (1/4 watt) that I use to transmit Christmas music for my computerized light show. Yesterday I discovered it had become a paperweight.

It was setting among the computer gear on my large desk and was plugged in but turned off using the button on the front. It is powered by one of those plugged in wall warts (transformers) that consume a little energy even when they are not in use. Yeah, as an energy manager (CEM) […] Continue reading » No FM

Smoke and Mirrors

Continue reading » Smoke and Mirrors

The R7 Lives!

The R7 Lives!