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I gathered my silver casting work I still have around, and put it together on my work bench lamp base. So here is a group picture. It’s all 100% Sterling and 100% made in the USA (even the raw silver is from the USA)

I am doing the wax work and the casting (lost wax process) and having a load of fun being creative. Silver price has been dropping so the investment in what is shown is not very high. Under $150 the amount shown. The personal value is well more than the raw cost of silver, but it is always worth no less than the […] Continue reading » Silver

Benched Wax

Wax Carving Bench

I received a new jeweler’s bench last night. My intent is to use it for my wax carving work within the air conditioned environment of my home office. It is usually termed “a beginner’s bench” because of its low cost and only three drawers. I think it is perfect for my special or single purpose use.

If I had the space I would have a bench for every special purpose. I almost have that now within my shop. I have to keep at least one bench as general purpose and now that general purpose bench doesn’t have to be […] Continue reading » Benched Wax

Wax on, Wax off…

Daniel gets a lesson in wax from the Master.

I have been active in my workshop / studio getting my silver (yeah, the real solid metal Sterling stuff) casting system ready for operation. I am really excited as I can see the shiny silver at the end of the tunnel. Maybe that‘s a train headlight… oh well.

The process is much more complex than the average person can imagine. Although I have been studying the process for many years, and even took a class on how to do it, it’s not until now as I prepare for the first time on my own, have I realized […] Continue reading » Wax on, Wax off…

Hot Serving Cart

I just posted a report about this cart over in The Hobbyist Workshop website. It is going to become a useful tool when I begin casting non ferrous metals using the lost wax process I and my daughter took a course last fall to discover how wax carving and lost wax casting is done. I will soon be doing it here in my shop.

I will have a vacuum casting table setting on the hard surface plate seen on the left here. Watch for more articles on the subject as they pop up in the “The Hobbyist Workshop” RSS feed in the right hand column […] Continue reading » Hot Serving Cart